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AerDeVino Electric Wine Aerator Decanter Dispenser Pourer

(34 customer reviews)


AerDeVino ~ Is designed perfectly for people who drink wine!


  • Auto and instant triple aerating decanting
  • Aerates and opens up the tannins, enhancing and enriching for smoother tasting wine
  • For both red and white wine
  • USB rechargeable
  • Snug fit bottle insert
  • One touch button operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes a great gift idea

Whether you have splurged on an expensive bottle of wine, or if you’re on a budget and choosing a cheaper option—our AerDeVino makes ANY wine smoother, clearer and opens up the tannins to enrich the flavour and aroma. Removing the bite from the very first sip for a premium wine experience from the first pour, every pour.

No matter the colour no matter the vintage smoother great tasting wine every time.




SKU: 64 Categories: , GTIN: 605926040019
GTIN: 605926040019
Brand: AerDeVino


AerDeVino ~ An Electric Wine Aerator Decanter Dispenser Pourer that with a touch of a button will instantly enhance your wine drinking experience.
AUTO AND INSTANT TRIPLE AERATING DECANTING all in the touch of one button the clever AerDeVino automatically aerates, decants and pump pours wine directly into your glass. Saves on the traditional waiting time associated with the standard decanting process of waiting on the wine to breathe! Instant wine gratification!
INSTANTLY BETTER TASTING RED AND WHITE WINE: the AerDeVino aeration process brings out the open flavour of wine. With the triple function high-pressure oxygenation action, along with the magnetic force and long wavelength of red light it instantly aerates and opens up the tannins, enhancing and enriching for a smoother taste and clarity of wine
SNUG FIT BOTTLE INSERT TECHNOLOGY… With the corkscrew bottle neck insert fitting snugly on to any standard wine bottle, for the premium aeration experience.
EASY TO USE: One touch button operation
USB RECHARGEABLE: Will last for approx. 100 bottles – ENVIRONMENTALLY ETHICAL, no zinc battery waste.
PORTABLE & COMPACT take anywhere for instantly smoother wine. Great for parties, dinners, picnics, holidays, BYO restaurants, meetings, and home!
EASY TO CLEAN: Fill empty wine bottle with water and dispense water through aerator the same as you would with wine.
INCLUSIONS: Comes with its own luxury carry bag, USB cable and 2 food grade silicon tubes and your own quick guide instructions. Versatile and clever—essential for any wine lover! – The perfect gifts As life is too short not to enjoy great tasting wine every time you open a bottle – AerDeVino
We can provide complimentary gift wrapping and special message just ask us on checkout.

34 reviews for AerDeVino Electric Wine Aerator Decanter Dispenser Pourer

  1. Brianna L.

    I absolutely love this device I use it daily (is that a bad thing?) haha, no I love my reds and my little red aerator Santa hat!

  2. Wine Gal

    If you love good wine, buy this!
    Love this product!! Makes the wine open up and breathe without the wait of a glass decanter! We have some nice reds and won’t use anything else now!!

  3. Gerard Langan

    Makes a red wine taste so much better. Fits snug in the bottle. Take anywhere. Easily cleaned. Have used in more than 20 bottles & not needed a recharge. My friends & l agree it is an amazing product.

  4. Aaron Jordan

    I love my new wine aerator. Use it all the time. Really mellows and enhances the flavours of my favorite wines. I mainly drink red but am enjoying the occasional white much more when using this product. All our friends are jumping online to get their own. Highly recommend.

  5. Marc

    A must have for wine drinkers! This thing is too cool, every time we use it, another guest goes on to buy it. Great aerator!

  6. Steve

    Gift for friend,that love,Wine

  7. Jen

    Love this wine dispenser. It charges like an iPhone. Lights up to show charge and battery usage. Push the button once to dispense and push again to stop. Gets the air out and wine tastes great. Would recommend.

  8. Donna

    I recently got an AerDeVino as a gift and love it. Makes wine taste better and looks very classy on the table

  9. Tracie

    I was at first sceptical as I drink white wine predominately and thought the wine I was drinking was pretty good… BUT after tasting the before the Aerator and after… Im so getting one.
    The Red wine of course made a heap of difference even to a cheapo bottle.
    This charges from a USB cable (Same as your mobile) is completely portable and looks pretty cool at night with the lights on it (good colour too)
    This particular one is a snug fit on the bottle – I’ve now been looking at others that come nowhere near the quality of this product!!!

  10. Carol

    I love this wine aerator! It truly makes the wine taste better. I also love that it’s electric. Would recommend this to any wine lover.

  11. Tuttsy

    Love aerating my wine, & this aerator lifts wine to the next level, & so unique it’s a great talking point and the dinner table. So far it’s been a snug fit, & easy to use on all my bottles. Great pick up.

  12. Michelle Patterson

    Michelle Patterson recommends No More Plastic Beeswax Food Wrap.
    These are fantastic to use, easy care good product.Much better than using plastic wrap.

  13. Susan Matthews

    Fantastic product. Highly Recommend!

  14. Christopher Lee Sun

    This product is absolutely amazing and the company and service we received was also amazing. Although I am a non drinker the wine drinkers in my clan love the AerDeVino very much and are super happy to have it on their bottles of wine. A must for all wine drinkers AAA

  15. Converted

    I was totally amazing the extra body and flavour that I have in my white wine – I didn’t think for a moment there would be such a difference. Now I dont have a wine unless i use the Aerator… so very happy with this product

  16. Elisha

    We are very impressed this product was shared with us by a friend who knows we love decanting red wine.
    The Aerdevino definitely made our wine smoother and released the tannins. It is a definitely a talking piece at any dinner table and everyone wants to try. We also did a before and after blind taste test we both picked the wine decantered via the Aerdevino to be the better choice.
    Happy to have a Aerdevino for our wines this Christmas.

    The product was also exactly as displayed and comes with a nice velvet feel carry bag.
    PS: brought the mother in law one too. thank you.

  17. Amazon Customer

    I love this product. I didn’t really think I would notice much of a difference if at all, as I’m not exactly a wine connoisseur. So I had a few friends over to test it out. It makes any bottle of wine taste smoother. I’ve tried it on red and white. You also don’t get the horrendous hangover you often get with red wines. I deliberately buy cheap $5 bottles of red now and use the aerator. Haven’t been disappointed yet!

  18. Otto

    We brought a Aerdevino prior to Christmas and sent another off as a Christmas present.
    We love our red wines and my wife is very fussy to say the least.
    We did many taste tests with Aerdevino and without. It really did enhance the flavours and make the wine so much smoother. Over Dec and Jan we have probably drank 40 bottles of wine with friends and have not had to recharge the Aerdevino yet. We also took it camping on Fraser Island as we do love a good wine. It seriously makes any wine taste good.
    Highly recommend a Aerdevino Electric wine decanter.

  19. Dougie clark (verified owner)

    I have owned this product since Christmas as I brought it for my wife,it is amazing! The difference to flavour and aroma is nothing short of ingenious. I priced other products and none were as cool 😎. We were sceptical and thought it was a gimmick, I ca tell you it works a treat and even with my white wine snobs.

    • AerDeVino (store manager)

      Hi Dougie
      Thanks for taking the time to share your positive AerDeVino experience with us. We LOVE to hear feedback on the difference AerDeVino makes to your wine drinking experience. We agree it truely is a clever little unit, always fun to impress the wine snobs.

  20. Jenny Short

    Very impressed with the AerDeVino Aerator. Bought this about 2 years ago. Easy to recharge. Aerates beautifully. Show it off to all our friends.

    • Jacqui Dunn (store manager)

      Great to hear you are impressed with your AerDeVino and that it has been enhancing your wine experience for many years. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. Cheers

  21. Ryan (verified owner)

    Fantastic – came highly recommended after a night with good friends who demonstrated how good a job this product actually does! Works wonders on any bottle of wine and has served as a fun conversation piece for many a night since receiving! Super fast delivery, too. A+

    • Jacqui Dunn (store manager)

      Thank you Ryan for your kind words on the AerDeVino electric wine aerator decanter, great to hear how it is enhancing your wine drinking experience. Cheers

  22. Donna G (verified owner)

    I love my aerator so much that I take it to picnics and friend’s houses and it is quite a conversation starter, has lead to a couple of people buying, and of course, they all agree that the taste before and after is significantly better. Don’t understand why high end restaurants aren’t using them!

    My friends also love the one that keeps the bubbles in the bottle and the cooler pack.

  23. Jamie

    AerDeVino really does instantly make my wine taste “aged”, smoothing out the tannins. Would recommend this electric wine aerator to anyone wanting to get the best out of their bottle of wine

  24. Aaron Jordan

    I love my new wine aerator. Use it all the time. Really mellows and enhances the flavours of my favorite wines. I mainly drink red but am enjoying the occasional white much more when using this product. All our friends are jumping online to get their own. Highly recommend.

  25. Dean S

    Works great. Made a genuine improvement to the wine. The tube wouldn’t push all the way in though, and now won’t come out

  26. Gerard Langan

    Makes a red wine taste so much better. Fits snug in the bottle. Take anywhere. Easily cleaned. Have used in more than 20 bottles & not needed a recharge. My friends & l agree it is an amazing product.

  27. Cleanskin Lover

    This is a very effective wine aerator. Works on red or white and the difference is distinct – even for a non wine buff like me.

  28. Sandra

    It’s good, but make sure you pour a small amount of wine out of the bottle first before you insert the narrator tube otherwise red wine spills out!

  29. Simply – It does a great job

    It does everything as advertised. I only wish is was a bit smaller.

  30. Michelle

    Keeps the wine fresh, easy to use and very handy.

  31. Paul Hockey

    Worked well

  32. strnk

    Perfect!! so happy

  33. Sunita Ratanjee (verified owner)

    Elegant design. A topic of conversation. Love it so much had to gift to special friends 😊💕

  34. Graeme S. (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried it yet, looks impressive.

    • Jacqui Dunn (store manager)

      Thank you Graeme appreciate the review, yes AerDeVino does strike a presence. Enjoy the enhanced smoother tasting difference AerDeVino makes to your wine when you have the time to try. Cheers AerDeVino

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