Why Aerate Wine?

Wine aeration is essential, wine lovers, to enhance the flavour and smooth out the tannins providing you with a premium wine experience regardless of the bottle price or vintage.

Breathe baby breathe!

However, not all aerators are created equal. As your most probably aware online you will find a variety of options from fancy pourers, glass decanters and electric wine aerators.

Not all aerators are created equal

Typically there are two types of Wine Aerators:

Aerdevino wine dispenser and the other a more traditional hand held aerator.

Aerate Wine

An Electric Wine Aerator like AerDeVino  sits snuggly onto the wine bottle, the USB charge provides an automatic and instant triple aerating action dispensing wine into your glass, to instantly bring out the richness and essence of your wine, also removing the “tang”. Allows you to instantly enjoy your wine with no waiting time or mess.

A traditional hand held decanter needs to be physically held in the bottle to dispense usually requires a carafe to decant the wine into not easily portable and fragile. For a premium wine experience with a traditional wine aerator pourer you will need to wait up to 30mins as a general rule of thumb before drinking the wine.

Which Wine Aeration Technology Is Best For You?

aerate wine

An aerator is probably the cheapest tool in the amateur sommelier’s collection but it does rank amongst the most important.

So, rather than insult that nice bottle of wine you’ve opened by pouring straight from bottle to glass, send it through an electric aerator to highlight the wine at its best regardless of the initial outlay for the wine.

AerDeVino – As life is too short not to enjoy great tasting wine every time you open a bottle.