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Wine Stopper & Electric Wine Aerator Decanter Gift Set


Wine Accessory Combo from AerDeVino –

Includes –

1 x AerDeVino Electric Wine Aerator Decanter

1 x Wine Saver by AerDeVino



SKU: 563 Categories: , , GTIN: 808857834614
GTIN: 808857834614
Brand: AerDeVino


AerDeVino Electric Wine Aerator Decanter & Wine Stopper Gift Pack


1 x AerDeVino Electric Wine Aerator Decanter

Pourer Decanter that with a touch of a button will instantly triple aerate your wine and decant pour wine directly into your wine glass.

AERDEVINO  – Provides Instant Aeration, Smoother Tasting Wine to remove the bite from your first sip.

No matter the colour, no matter the cost of your wine with the touch of a button the super clever AerDeVino wine aerator will open up the tannins and enrich the flavour of your wine.

1 x Wine Saver by AerDeVino is an easy-to-use wine vacuum stopper.

It will preserve the wine minimising oxidization for up to 10 days.

Easy To USE: Simply insert into wine bottle, pump until resistance, turn dial to mark the date.

Suitable for Red or White Wines.

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Thank you for supporting a small Australian business.


  1. Susan Trappell

    Best wine aerator on the market. We love it just pours by itself and makes any wine taste delicious. Wine saver is perfect we use it on nights we just have 1 glass and the next night the wine is still fresh. Highly recommend both products.

  2. Veronica (verified owner)


  3. Sunita Ratanjee (verified owner)

    Love this Decanter Dipenser Pourer. Has the “Wow” factor ?? Works like a charm ???

  4. Mark Flo (verified owner)

    We already have the wine stopper and loved it. So decided to reorder another with the aerator as we have heard great things. It definitely does make our wine taste smoother, very happy.

  5. Irene Marter (verified owner)

    Recommend to us by a friend. Definitely did not disappoint. High recommend.

  6. Ron Simon (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service

    • Elisha de Jonge (store manager)

      Thanks Ron appreciate the review.

  7. Peter Shannon (verified owner)

    First time I have used something like this. Yes ,it does do as you have stated. Loved using it with no problems.
    Any niggle I might have is to make the pump fit the inside neck of a wine bottle.
    All in all a worthwhile investment.

    • Jacqui Dunn (store manager)

      Hi Peter thank you for your review and great to hear you are enjoying the AerDeVino difference to your wine drinking experience. The corkscrew bottle neck insert on the aerator was designed to fit into standard wine bottle neck , but as bottle necks sizes can vary from winemakers and countries some fits into wine necks will be snugger than others. Cheers AerDeVino

  8. Wayne (verified owner)

    Very happy and efficient delivery:)

    • Jacqui Dunn (store manager)

      Thank you for taking the time to post a review, we love hearing from happy AerDeVino customers. Cheers

  9. Maleea Smith (verified owner)

    • Jacqui Dunn (store manager)

      Thank you for taking the time to send a review. we love hearing from our AerDeVino customers

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