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ABOUT US: The AerDeVino Brand Story

About Us: A story of travel and a love of wine. This motivated me to create a business in wine accessories, wine gift ideas, aerators, preservers, gifts

Hi, I am Jacqui creator of the AerDeVino product range.

Most of my life my friend’s and family have said you “always think and do outside the box”, you never tread the worn path.

Which is very true, back the end of 2002 I was at a Sunday afternoon BBQ with friend’s and one of them had mentioned about the luxury yatching industry and how you get work off the coast of Florida or in the Mediterranean “as they love Aussies cause they will muck in and get a job done”. This sparked a flame in me and within a few months (March 2003) I was on a plane to Palma, Majorca walking the docks looking for work on a luxury motor yacht, I had never seen such opulence.

For four years I worked on various luxury yachts from the Med to the Caribbean, Bahamas and USA. I even had the good fortune to do a Pacific Ocean crossing stopping at most of the beautiful tropical Pacific Islands on the way to Australia. This experience was invaluable as I could see how innovation and some faith in an idea had created a business for some of my employers.

After four years, whilst perched on the back deck of a yacht off Paradise Island in the Bahamas, I was like OK this has been a lot of hard work and fun, but over it now, what next?

Through a chance meeting this same day with one of the most amazing mentors I have ever had, I had the good fortune to be exposed to the world of Subsea Oil & Gas Construction. With my background prior to a lot of customer service on the luxury yachts I had worked in the construction and electrical service industry, so had the relevant experience they required for an Offshore Construction Admininstrator.

Six weeks later I am in Aberdeen, Scotland to do the Subsea Oil & Gas Industry offshore survival course, which included 9 underwater helicopter escapes! I had no idea what I was in for when I walked into the facility that day, and even less on the Friday when I was flown directly to Norway to start work that night on my first vessel.

I worked remotely in the Subsea Oil & Gas Construction Industry internationally and Australia for many years, working on incredible projects in amazing places from locations of 800nm of the Arctic Circle, Norway, Brazil, Gulf of Mexico, the South China Sea, South Korea, Bass Strait to the stunning blue Indian Ocean.

With a desire to spend more time at home on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia and a lull in the industry, this motivated me to create a business opportunity to be able to live and work locally.

Immense research led me to the niche industry of importing products that I believed in, excited me and aligned with my values for online marketing sales.

Why Do I Choose The Products For The AerDeVino Brand….

The products we sell have been extensively researched to find the best quality in the market place.

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The Original AerDeVino Wine Aerator Creator

The AerDeVino Wine Aerator Story

This product concept interested me greatly, a unit you could insert in your wine bottle and instantly aerate, and open up the wine for a smoother taste!

Whilst visiting friends for Thanksgiving in the States I purchased a basic zinc battery unit to try out. I walked down to the local pharmacy (love the USA, they sell wine anywhere) got a $5 bottle and we used the aerator, it did slightly improve the wine ironing out the tannins and giving us a $5 wine premium experience.

I just knew I could make this product idea better with newer technology and I set out to find it!

Aerdevino was alive….

Why do we aerate wine? this is a question I constantly get asked find out the answer here…

With all the extensive research and testing of various electric and non-electric aerators available (yes this was one tough assignment).

I knew the simpler the better, and I found a one-touch button high-pressure triple aeration led light and magnet with a USB Charger, (no throwaway batteries) and a snug corkscrew bottle insert was the perfect mix.

Cheers to Aerdevino!!