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Special Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free – AerDeVino Electric Wine Aerator Decanter Dispenser Pourer


Limited-time Christmas 2023 Special:

Buy 1 @ $72.95 Get One FREE AerDeVino Electric Wine Aerator. 

T & C’s Of Promotion:
Standard or Express Shipping Rates Apply.
No FREE Shipping is available on these orders.
Limited to 5 per person eg: 10 units total.

AerDeVino ~ Is designed perfectly for people who drink wine!


  • Auto and instant triple aerating decanting
  • Aerates and opens up the tannins, enhancing and enriching for smoother tasting wine
  • For both red and white wine
  • USB rechargeable
  • Snug fit bottle insert
  • One touch button operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes a great gift idea

Whether you have splurged on an expensive bottle of wine, or if you’re on a budget and choosing a cheaper option—our AerDeVino makes ANY wine smoother, clearer and opens up the tannins to enrich the flavour and aroma. Removing the bite from the very first sip for a premium wine experience from the first pour, every pour.

No matter the colour no matter the vintage smoother great tasting wine every time.
How To Claim:
Simply ADD 1 to the Cart and pay: $72.95 + postage, and we will send you 1 FREE AerDeVino Electric Wine Aerator. If you want to buy 2 we will send you 2 FREE, limited to 5 FREE.
SKU: 64-1 Categories: , , GTIN: 605926040019
GTIN: 605926040019
Brand: AerDeVino


AerDeVino ~ An Electric Wine Aerator Decanter Dispenser Pourer that with a touch of a button will instantly enhance your wine drinking experience.
AUTO AND INSTANT TRIPLE AERATING DECANTING all in the touch of one button the clever AerDeVino automatically aerates, decants and pump pours wine directly into your glass. Saves on the traditional waiting time associated with the standard decanting process of waiting on the wine to breathe! Instant wine gratification!
INSTANTLY BETTER TASTING RED AND WHITE WINE: the AerDeVino aeration process brings out the open flavour of wine. With the triple function high-pressure oxygenation action, along with the magnetic force and long wavelength of red light it instantly aerates and opens up the tannins, enhancing and enriching for a smoother taste and clarity of wine
SNUG FIT BOTTLE INSERT TECHNOLOGY… With the corkscrew bottle neck insert fitting snugly on to any standard wine bottle, for the premium aeration experience.
EASY TO USE: One touch button operation
USB RECHARGEABLE: Will last for approx. 100 bottles – ENVIRONMENTALLY ETHICAL, no zinc battery waste.
PORTABLE & COMPACT take anywhere for instantly smoother wine. Great for parties, dinners, picnics, holidays, BYO restaurants, meetings, and home!
EASY TO CLEAN: Fill empty wine bottle with water and dispense water through aerator the same as you would with wine.
INCLUSIONS: Comes with its own luxury carry bag, USB cable and 2 food grade silicon tubes and your own quick guide instructions. Versatile and clever—essential for any wine lover! – The perfect gifts As life is too short not to enjoy great tasting wine every time you open a bottle – AerDeVino
We can provide complimentary gift wrapping and special message just ask us on checkout.


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