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Monthly Members Deal


Deal Includes:

1 x AerDeVino” ~ Electric Wine Aerator Pourer Decanter that with a touch of a button will instantly triple aerate your wine.

2 x Wine Saver Vacuum Pump Wines Stopper Sealer ~ A wine preserver sealer minimizing oxidization for up to 10 days

10% Off all purchases from the AerDeVino Range will go to the Dry July Foundation.



Offer Strictly Expires 31st July 2021 and only available to email members. Can not be used with any coupons. Postage not included.


AerDeVino” ~ Is an Electric Wine Aerator Pourer Decanter that with a touch of a button will instantly triple aerate your wine.

AERDEVINO  – Provides Instant Aeration, Smoother Tasting Wine to remove the bite from your first sip.

  • AUTO AND INSTANT TRIPLE AERATING DECANTING all in the touch of one button the clever AerDeVino automatically aerates, decants and pump pours wine directly into your glass. Saves on the traditional waiting time associated with the standard decanting process and allows wine the time to breathe! Instant wine gratification!
  • USB CHARGE – SNUG FIT BOTTLE INSERT TECHNOLOGY… With the corkscrew bottle neck insert only available on AerDeVino! Fitting snugly on to any standard wine bottle, for the premium aeration experience.
  • INSTANTLY BETTER TASTING RED AND WHITE WINE: Aeration is essential to bring out the open flavour of the wine. Ready to drink immediately after installation AerDeVino will instantly enhance the flavour and smooth out the tannins providing you with a premium wine experience regardless of the bottle price or vintage.
  • EASY TO USE: One touch button operation
  • USB RECHARGEABLE: Will last for approx. 100 bottles – ENVIRONMENTALLY ETHICAL, no zinc battery waste.
  • PORTABLE & COMPACT – SNUG FIT BOTTLE INSERT TECHNOLOGY take anywhere for instantly smoother wine with a unique corkscrew bottle insert that fits securely so you don’t lose a drop.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Fill empty wine bottle with water and dispense water through aerator the same as you would with wine.
  • INCLUSIONS: Comes with it’s own luxury carry bag, USB cable and 2 food grade silicon tubes and your own quick guide instructions.



WineSaver by AerDeVino Wine Vacuum Stopper. A wine preserver sealer with a date scale record for you to track the date wine originally opened.

Open more than one bottle of wine at a time to savour different vintages.  Reseal with the Wine Saver by AerDeVino, which will preserve wine minimizing oxidization for up to 10 days. Saving your wines to be enjoyed another day!


  • Preserve your wine up to 10days
  • Vacuum pump seal to remove oxygen from the wine bottle to keep wine from oxidising
  • Date marker to record when the wine was opened
  • Silicon food grade, easy to use easy to clean

As life is too short not to enjoy great tasting wine every time you open a bottle!


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